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Bank of Canada Raises Rate by 50 bps (June, 2022)
Bank of Canada Raises Rate by 50 bps As expected, the Bank of Canada has raised its key lending rate by 50 basis points, bringing it to 1.50%. ...
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What’s in the Federal Budget for Homebuyers?
The federal government has earmarked more than $10 billion in new spending for housing-related initiatives, much of which is focused on increasing supply. Overall, the federal budget includes $56...
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The Bank of Canada Finally Pulls the Rate-Hike Trigger
MAR 2, 2022By Mark Kerzner, President & CEO TMG The Mortgage GroupSo, they have finally gone ahead and done it.The Bank of Canada has decided to increase rates, ending months of speculation as to...
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Understanding Your Credit Score
Understanding Your Credit Score Have you ever wondered what impacts your credit score? Here's what impacts it..... 35% Payment History – Make a payment or miss a payment. It’s on your file30%...
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