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When it comes to mortgage break penalties, big banks are often the worst
Committing to a mortgage for five long years exposes people to the most insidious aspect of residential financing: prepayment charges. And when it comes to such charges – the penalties you pay come...
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How does income from a rental property create RRSP contribution room?
Q. I understand that net rental income creates RRSP contribution room—so, even as a retiree, I should be able to accumulate additional RRSP room. Does foreign net rental income add to RRSP...
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Reduce your holiday debt
Happy New Year! As we enter this new decade, do you have some spending regret? You promised to stick to a budget; you promised to scale down and have an old-school, back-to-basics, holiday. But some...
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Morneau Ordered to “Review” Stress Test - making the borrower stress test more dynamic
The directive from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Friday was short and sweet: “Review and consider recommendations from financial agencies related to making the...
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