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Renewing your mortgage? Here’s what you need to know
TTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018Consumers are much more informed these days about mortgages and mortgage products, and are highly engaged, especially millennials who are comfortable searching the Internet...
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Mortgage fraud becoming more common
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2017Mortgage fraud becoming more commonReal Estate and mortgage fraud is a growing concern to the industry as high prices in some markets have squeezed buyers and attracted...
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A time of great change
A time of great changeAs you probably know, the mortgage rules are changing once again, effective January 1. The introduction of the minimum qualifying rate (stress test), this time for uninsured...
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Enough already!
Enough already!By Mark Kerzner, President, TMG The Mortgage GroupChanges to the mortgage rules may have gone too far.Just when we think, when we are told, that the mortgage regulation pause button has...
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